Our company specializes in the purchase of old toy Hot Wheels by Mattel. We have been buying an selling old Mattel Hot Wheels since 1988. We have literally bought and sold 10's of thousands of old Mattel Hot Wheels since then. We Pride ourselves in knowing that we have have the knowledge to accurately grade your old vintage Hot Wheels and related items. Understanding grading is key to obtaining the best possible return for you the seller.  We hope to impress you with our friendly service and straight forward pricing.

Please take a moment to click on the tab marked History of Toizrit, Inc. and learn more about Toizrit, Inc. You will find it interesting to learn how Jon Bertolino turned a small hobby into a large collection, that turned into a S-Corporation,  that now specializes in the purchase and sale of vintage Hot Wheel cars.

 Under the Press release tab, you will see  the periodicals that have published stories about Jon Bertolino and Toizrit Inc.

Sell with confidence knowing that you are dealing with a reputable dealer.

 Hot Wheels Wanted by Mattel with Red Stripe On TiresHot Wheels Wanted by Mattel with Red Stripe On Tires

After you have learned about our company, click on the Condition of My Old Hot Wheels tab to learn about grading your collection of vintage Mattel Hot Wheels.

And most importantly,  click on Sell Your Old Hot Wheels tab and you will be on your way to getting a fabulous return on your old toy cars.

Hot Wheels Wanted by Mattel with Red Stripe On Tires

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