Old Hot Wheels Purchased by This Dealer. 22 years Experience.        Sell Me Your Old Vintage Hot Wheels!

You probably had this wheel case in your collection. I love it when they are Full of CARS! They also made cases that had 2, 4 and 6 trays that hold 12 cars each. I buy most anything that says Mattel Hot Wheels on it. Store Displays, Cases, Original Packaging ,  Etc.... Be sure to check out my What I Buy page.

 Hot Wheels Wanted by Mattel with Red Stripe On Tires


Wanted! Old Hot Wheel Toy Cars From 1967-1977

At TOIZRIT, We are always looking to buy good quality Redline Hot Wheels in their package or out. Let us know what you have. You can call me with your list of cars or Email us your list  

Phone: (847) 289-1050 

Or mail it to:
Toizrit Inc.
15N793 Pheasant Field Lane
Hampshire, IL  60140

Email  Us Your List: toizrit@comcast.net

Hot Wheels Wanted by Mattel with Red Stripe On Tires

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